Cold-formed thin-walled steel structure

System introduction

EcoFraming cold-formed thin-walled steel systems are suitable for low-rise buildings with no more than three floors. It has excellent anti-vibration, wind resistance, heat preservation, sound insulation and fireproof performance. With mature enclosure materials, it is an energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, and sustainable building solution.

High-strength, high-corrosion structural steel
  t ≤ 1.0mm : G550, AZ150
  t ≥ 1.5mm : G340, Z275
  The service life is up to 50 years, meeting Australian AS1397, American ASTM A792, A653 product standard

Strict design standards, advanced design software
  Meet Australia NASH, American AISI Design Standards

System Advantage

Qualitative design and products / Industrial construction mode / Economical, applicable, efficient

Light steel frame system

System introduction

EcoSteel light steel frame system is a more versatile structural system. The steel beam steel column is composed of a frame, and the cold-formed thin-walled steel composite wall is combined with materials such as heat preservation, heat insulation, fire prevention and waterproof to achieve excellent insulation, sound insulation and fireproof performance.

EcoSteel light steel frame system makes the design more flexible and adaptable; it can well realize the requirements of large span and large empty space; it can also adapt to the uneven plane and fa?ade, and the upper and lower planes are inconsistent. Layout requirements. Maximize the customer's unique pursuit of personalized architecture.

System Advantage

Building is more versatile / more personalized design / structural capacity is stronger

Roofing system

Floor system

Light steel wall system